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Keeping Books and Tax Records

This service includes a regular and continual or one-time financial bookkeeping based on the client’s criteria, his required deadlines and in compliance with rules of law, periods and terms:

Elaboration of Final Accounts and Balance Sheets

This service presents a complete check on all the entries in the books and in the tax records files, an inventory of all books of accounts, accounts and auxiliary records and the resultant completion and closing of all the administration. All this in compliance with the Law of Income Tax, Accounting Directives Law and other related legislation, regulations and statutory orders.
Emphasis is put on precision, completeness, time and factual correlation, same as on the tax optimization.

Tax Returns

This considers elaborating and submitting of a tax declaration proposal relating to a particular tax obligation in the term required by the client, while observing all statutory periods and terms.
Introducing the submitted proposal well in advance, including explanation of all entries of a particular form is a part of the service.


Providing expert consultations and elaborating methodical instructions and internal regulations applying to individual problematic area, based on the customer’s particular specification, while putting maximal expert care and individual approach in, is a part of keeping books and tax records.

The service is provided to all regular clients and is also offered as one-time consulting.


For our client’s needs the personal presence of our experts and the communication with financial and tax institutions‘ officers, the centre of social security and health insurance and other state and business institutions is provided.


The service includes pays calculation and procession for those of the client’s employees (both up to and over 25 employees), who are eligible for a pay, further compensations, and other related fulfilments. This kind of service is provided in terms requested by the client, respecting the terms and periods enacted by the law:


It includes a summary of information which is necessary to be managed by an employer to fulfil their employer’s needs and obligations. A comprehensive human resources agenda is involved, too, in accordance with the valid Labour law and specific requests of the client:


Legal Services

These are the services following the bookkeeping and tax area and they are provided to clients in cooperation with external legal, tax and auditorial consultants.

Labour/Payroll Law

In this service, labour and payroll law advisory is involved, as well as legal regulations interpretation, in accordance with labour and payroll relations, and their application into the internal policy of the client’s organization.


Reporting - Analysis

This service includes the elaboration and preparation of individual outputs, including economic analyses of individual parts or the whole accounting and tax administration, in a way allowing to use the produced information about financial management in a required manner.
The resulting report or analysis are prepared both for internal needs of a client and for a need to deal with other institutions and authorities.

Human Resources and Payroll Indexes Economic Analyses

The service includes individual administration and economic analyses of selected human resources and payroll indexes, and individual problematic spheres, with regard to specific requests of the clients.

All services are offered to small, medium-sized, and large corporations, operating in all business branches and providing both service and manufacturing.

The whole export output from the software, and advisory and economic analyses is available in English.

All the client’s matters are handled with respect to confidentiality of the information conveyed, and time-unlimited discretion.

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