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Code of Ethics

  1. The client’s interests are a priority, and the services are provided in such a way that they benefit the client in the first place. Professional knowledge and experience is used so that any advice provided is not only objective and complete but also competent.

  2. Advisory services are provided on individual basis, and must be connected to elaboration of concrete recommendations, which satisfy individual needs of the client.

  3. According to the needs of the client, the employees are informed in advance about the rules, methods, and techniques used in the organization, in order to facilitate effective cooperation.

  4. The client is always informed about all relations, circumstances, intentions, or interests, which might influence their judgement or objectivity of the services provided.

  5. All information acquired about the client is kept confidential, and it is secured in order to prevent abuse by third persons.

  6. With the exception of special cases, it is required that the client obtains - prior to receiving the advisory service - a written draft of contract, containing suggested targets, scope, and an estimated fee - or at least the principles of its calculation. Any important changes, concerning character, scope, or timing of the services provided, are consulted with the client, and must be confirmed in writing before being implemented.

  7. The client is required to pay a fee, the amount of which corresponds with the character and scope of the services provided, and also reflects level of the responsibility involved.

  8. Accepting any commission for acquiring a client is in conflict with the advisory ethics.

  9. Providing services to two or more clients that are competitors, or in a conflict, is possible only with the clients’ knowledge. Under such circumstances, interrupting the contacts with one of the clients is considered carefully.

  10. The client may ask for an evaluation of another advisory organization's performance, or that of any individual(s) working for them, only with the knowledge of the subject(s) concerned.


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